Below are the Committees which deals both with policy and operational matters and who is on the team.

  • Policy & Resources Committee

    This is the control room which guides the States. The deputies will advise the States to develop and implement polices and programmes relating to: leadership and co-ordination of States overall work; fiscal and financial resources, external relations; and other delegated functions.

  • Members Gavin St Peir - P, Lyndon Trott VP, Jane Stephens, Al Brouard, Jonathan Le Tocq.

  • Committee for Economic Development

  • This committee is responsible and need to ensure that we have a strong economy which is sustainable and creates the greatest number and widest range of employment opportunities. We have to ensure that we are working towards better economic diversification. Even though not on this committee I will be speaking to Peter Ferbrache and his team about ideas and possible solutions.

  • Members: Peter Ferbrache P, Jan Kuttelwascher VP, Andrea Dudley-Owen, Joseph Mooney, Jennifer Merrett.

  • Committee Education, Sports and Culture

  •  The committee need to encourage human development by maximising opportunities for participation in excellence through education, learning, sports and culture at every stage of life. We all want a strong system in place to allow every child to perform to the best of their ability. I believe that this is through selection and we also need to keep all of our schools, as surely we have learnt lessons from St Andrews closing.

  • Members: Paul Le Pelley P, Carl Meerveld VP, Andrea Dudley-Owen, Neil Inder, David Lisle

  • Committee Employment & Social Security

  • This committee needs to foster a compassionate, cohesive and aspirational society in which responsibility is encourage and individuals and families are supported through schemes of social protection relating to pensions, other contributory and non-contributory benefits, social housing, employment, re-employment and labour market legislation.

  • Members: Michelle Le Clerc P, Shane Langlois VP, Matt Fallaize, John Gollop, Emilie Yerby

  • Committee for Environment & Infrastructure

  • This committee needs to protect and enhance the natural and physical environment and develop infrastructure in ways which are balanced and sustainable in order that present and future generations can live in a community which is clean , vibrant and prosperous

  •  Members: Barry Brehaut P, Mark Dory VP, Sarah Hansmann-Rouxel, Lindsay De Sausmarez, Shane Langlois

  • Committee for Health & Social Care

  • This committee need to protect, promote and improve the health and well being of individual's and the community.

  • Members: Heidi Soulsby P, Rhian Tooley VP, Joseph Mooney, Rob Prow, Emilie Yerby

  • Committee for Home Affairs

  • This committee needs to support a high standard of living and quality of life by maintaining and promoting a safe, stable and equitable society which values public protection and justice and respects the rights, responsibilities and potential of every person.

  • Members: Mary Lowe P, Richard Graham VP, Marc Leadbeater, Victoria Oliver, Rob Prow

  • Civil Contingencies Authority

  • To carry out the functions set out in the Civil Contingencies Law, 2012 and are responsible for a framework for civil protection.

  • Members: Gavin St Pier, Mary Lowe, Heidi Soulsby, Barry Brehaut.

  • Development & Planning Authority

  • This committee deals with, amongst other things, land policy and administration of planning, development applications and controls. We are also responsible to the Island development Plan due to be released this year.

  • Members: John Gollop, Victoria Oliver, Dawn Tindall, Lester Queripel, Jeremy.

  • Overseas Aid & Development Committee

    Administration and distribution of funds for the purposes of aid & development overseas. Emilie Yerby is president.

  • Scrutiny Management

  • Providing the check on States Committees by challenging and scrutinising of actions and decisions.

  • Members: Chris Green P, Peter Roffey VP, Laurie Queripel

  • Transport Licensing Authority

    Responsible for governing Transport licences in Guernsey for both the harbours and air routes.

  • Members: Barry Paint P, Dawn Tindall VP John Gollop, Carl Meerveld, Emilie Yerby with one non States Member John Curran

  • States Assembly & Constitution Committee

    Responsible for the rules governing the constitution of the States of Deliberation

  • Members: Matt Fallaize P, Michelle Le Clec, Mark Dorey, Peter Roffey, Lindsay De Sausmarez

  • States Trading & Supervisory Board

    Overseeing the actions and promoting the policies relating to the States trading organisations.

  • Members: Charles Parkinson and Jeremy Smithies