On 27th April 2016 South East Voters elected me as one of their 5 people’s Deputies.

I represent a family working life and like you want my taxes not to be wasted, I want to be able to offer you the benefit of my experience and knowledge in working for our beautiful island over the next four years.


What I Stand For 

As your representative I will be approachable and available.  I will listen to you, respect your views and seek to serve you with integrity.

  • The Government must not waste the hard earned money which we have paid in TAX.
  • Diversification of our economy is key to our success as an island.
  • I would vigorously oppose any increase in Government borrowing.
  • No to GST.
  • I am in favour of selection - smaller class sizes and good teachers can do more for a child than any new building. 
  • Guernsey depends on the skills and knowledge of our people and the contribution that each of us make to the Island's success.
  • We need another good conventional ship.
  • No to paid parking for our pier town car parks.
  • I support Island Wide Voting. 
  • It's vital that we get our housing market moving and support first time buyers.
  • The elderly must be looked after with dignity
  • We need an open and transparent Government.  Individuals and States structures must be held accountable.    

"Thank you for voting for me ”


Thank you to Maggie Talbot-Cull and Charles Tracy for nominating me


The Economy

Every year the States are spending more than is raised through taxation.  The costs of public services rise, on average, 7% every year.  With our ageing population we need to look at ways to improve our services while becoming more efficient.  

I am not in favour of any taxation which places an additional burden on the public.  GST is regressive, inflammatory and expensive to administer.  It affects the people who can least afford it and places a burden onto small business owners.  Despite this, I would favour GST over increasing the basic rate of income tax.  

We must not adopt policies which constrain business either through over regulation or restrictive taxation.  Our prosperity and public service depend on the success of Guernsey business output.  We need to encourage new business to Guernsey whether it be finance, tourism, food, construction or technology.  

We should encourage younger people to save rather than spend.  Long term solutions include Guernsey savings accounts.    

We should also encourage those not working to return to work.  Guernsey has a low rate of unemployment, but there is always more which could be done.      



It is vital that we gt the housing market moving.  We have had a sluggish environment for too long.  We should support schemed such as help to buy.  I believe that the States should look to make the process of buying and selling easier as I believe that the system for purchasing is outdated.  We need to support first time buyers, otherwise we will see our young talent leaving the Island.

We must ensure that the elderly are looked after with dignity.  Elderly Independent Living care houses should be looked at for the future in places such as La Longue, St Martin.  With our ageing population this is only going to become a bigger challenge.    



I am in favour of selection.  We need to make sure that a strong system is in place to allow every child to perform to the best of their ability.  I believe in written and oral examinations at the age of 11, whether this is the 11 plus or an alternative.  I support allowing higher performers to retake the examination at 13 years old.  Life is full of challenges and we should be prepared.  

It is often when a child leaves education that they realise the importance it brings.  There should be further incentives to get local children into school training programmes to invest in their future skills and to offer school leavers the opportunity to access academic or vocational courses so that children can achieve their goals and aspirations while building a strong employment potential in Guernsey.

We need to focus on making nursery provision more affordable, promoting equal opportunities and workforce participation through flexible practices.      



We have strong air links to the UK, but need to make sure that these are maintained. I believe that we could strengthen links to Europe not just for holiday destinations but also for onward travel.  

The current boat is not suitable for our waters. Another good conventional ship under 134 metres to accommodate our harbour is needed for year round travel.  

Competition between island links would be beneficial. We need to make sure that the Government is doing all it can to ensure the reliability, security and quality of our transport links as this is vital for our island.

Buses are too wide for the small island lanes. I understand that at peak times large buses may be needed, however during quieter times we should look to use smaller buses which would also reduce vehicle emissions.